Enoteca Adriano; San Diego's taste of Italia!

There’s no denying my status as foodie.  In fact,  when asked “if you had a million dollars….” I simply smile.  I would eat.  Therefore exploring my new home of San Diego involves a lot of discovery through taste buds.  Of course there is the long lost Mexican, that Britain is so unfortunately without.  Then there is the seafood, in it’s pacific coast abundance.  And even the good old fashioned American diner food, so full of grease, one walks away swearing a strict consumption of salads from here on out.  But never in my wildest food fantasies did I imagine San Diego serving up Italian food, comparable to that of my trip to Rome and Florence.  But there it is folks.  Enoteca Adriano sits on a quiet end of Cass street in Pacific Beach, away from the stumbling college spring breakers.   The small wine bar is easily missed when driving by, however take a stroll past it’s outside dining area and prepare to puddle.  Upon the suggestion of the friendly manager, we opted for a bottle of an incredibly light red agrianico sicilia 2010.  Light and fragrant, the deep red complimented the extraordinary bread and balsamic vinaigrette.  Words cannot describe the magic of their balsamic concoction.  A perfect balance of oil and tart, fresh basil trickle down the freshly made bread, leaving you wondering how they do it.  For the main course a perfect portioned pasta parade flowed onto the table.  Pappardelle Gameretti; wide fresh pasta, shrimp, artichokes, spinach, EVOO basil and a fresh garlic sauce dazzled us. Whilst the special of the night a baked Gnocchi; complete with a rich home-style red sauce that leaves you shouting MAMA MIA! 

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